Peg and Paddington Bear


Please meet the wonderful and very determined young lady, Peg. She is a Gotz no nose with such beautiful silky hair and that lovable expression that all no noses have–love that sweet face! I think she was made in 1967. I named her Peg from the song “Peg of my Heart”. I sang that song many times as a child. The first verse says so much “Peg of my heart, I love you, don’t let us part, I love you…” With Peg, it was love at first sight πŸ™‚


Peg is very partial to Paddington Bears. She loves them!!!! I do not have to find the bears because Peg does that for me. Β In fact, Peg is a Paddington Bear magnet.


A tiny Paddington Bear has joined the party and Peg is so happy–the more, the merrier is Peg’s motto πŸ™‚


This little fellow in the red duffle coat is whispering a sweet word or two.


My goodness, this bear is a big one! I think they make delightful bookends, don’t you ?


Paddington Bears everywhere!! Peg is so happy to be among her friends πŸ™‚


Peg has an interesting history. I bought her from a lovely lady on the Sasha Mart a few years ago. Just recently, I contacted her again to buy a sweater and she told me Peg had previously belonged to Jackie Hyatt which I did not know until now. This is a very special gift to me since we lost Jackie just over a year ago and I really miss her. I did not get to meet Jackie in person but she touched me many times by her acts of kindness through the Sasha Mart’ swaps and other exchanges.


This wool outfit was made by Jackie and I immediately wanted to put it on Peg. I love the skirt, vest and pretty blouse. Peg’s shoes are by Monica Jarpey. She is very talented and the shoes fit perfectly πŸ™‚


Peg conceded to Mom and wore her sweater today. It is warmer and Spring is here but there is still a bit of a chill in the air. This colorful sweater was knitted by Mary Anne Getchell of “Nomacustom” on Etsy. I am fortunate to have several of her creations πŸ™‚


A close up of Peg who is so photogenic πŸ™‚

Another photo of Peg with Paddington Bear in hand.


A farewell photo of Peg extending her heart-felt appreciation to you for visiting Sasha Shangri-La and also to wish you a beautiful weekend πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Peg and Paddington Bear

  1. I love Peg’s connection to Jackie, and the origin of her name from a favorite song, Ginger. She is a lovely girl and really is very photogenic. I hope that Spring is coming there and that she can shed her sweater soon πŸ™‚ (We just got another 4 inches!)

    Have a nice Sunday and rest of the week,



  2. Funny that you should mention the fact that her hair is so silky because the one and only no-nose girl that I have ever owned was the doll that one of my many nieces, when she used to visit, always declared that she too had the silkiest hair of all my Sasha girls.
    After she had left for home I usually found that my really petite doll would have a tiny braid, or two, or more, plaited in her hair.

    My daughter was a Paddington Bear fan and she had one of the original models with the Wellington Boots on that had the paw prints etched underneath. She had all the books on him and his adventures and I can still hear her chuckling away at what was written.

    What a lovely surprise to discover that Peg was owned by the late Jackie Hyatt who was so generous to the Sasha World and its collectors with her time and gifts. Smart idea too to dress her in one of Jackie’s outfits as a tribute to her.

    Sorry to hear that you are still having snow whilst we here are enjoying a beautiful Spring. I always think that Spring is THE season for the UK.
    Thank you Peg for the weekend’s good wishes.

    • Thank you Kendal . We are getting the early signs of Spring but are still trying to untie the moorings of Winter,…..brrrr….

      I have enjoyed the Paddington Bears and books too for quite a while. I love to read though my work requires a lot of reading and my eyes are so tired that some days my recreational reading is not possible.

      How special that your nieces will have Sashas in their childhood memories. I can just see them playing and plaiting their hair. Wonderful πŸ™‚

  3. Peg is lovely, she has such a sweet face. I too am a fan of Paddington Bear. I have one of the original models which my husband bought me almost 40 years ago. Have a great week, hope it warms up soon. Gill x

  4. What a lovely little girl Peg is! When I first saw the ‘no nose’ kids I really did not like them at all….I thought they were scary. How things change! I love them now and think that they are so very cute with their very determined, stubborn looking faces and mouths. I really would like one to join my Sasha family one day in the future. It’s also nice to hear that she has such silky hair. I like that you have her dressed in a Jackie Hyatt outfit, I never knew Jackie at all, but she is talked of so very fondly by Sasha collectors that she must have been a really lovely lady.
    I hope your snow goes soon Ginger!
    Big hugs
    Sharon xx

    • I do think the no nose girls grow on you. I, too, have warmed up to them. Sharon, I saw daffodils and some flowering trees today and 70 degrees. Maybe Spring is here to stay πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Ginger your Peg is lovely and so is her story. I remember Paddington bear well. It is so nice that you have a doll that once belonged to Jackie. Theresa x

  6. Peg is such a sweet girl and I love her Paddington’s also. It is lovely when you find out some history behind a favourite Sasha.
    She looks lovely and snug in her bright Cardie and pretty blue shoes.
    hugs Dee x

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