Amazing Anna


Please meet Anna a late 1966 to early 1967 NP with beautiful handpainted eyes and just a hint of lashes. Anna was purchased from Susanna Lewis and I was very fortunate to be able to adopt her.


She is wearing a lovely dress of violets with a pretty pinny purchased from Shelly’s site. Her purple leather shoes are made by Jean Jensen. I think she looks ready for Spring!


A photo of Anna with her bunny.


Another photo of Anna and her bunny.


This outfit was also purchased from Shelly’s site. The gold leather shoes are by Jean Jensen. I took this photo last Fall and really love these colors. The dress was beautifully made by Molly and I have found that I am partial to floral prints.


This photo from last Fall shows Anna with her sisters from left to right there is Carney Ellen, Anna and Chloe.


I must really love this blue outfit by Ruth’s dolls because I have a photo of most of my girls wearing this pretty blue dress.


I heard whispering across the room and found Finn with Anna. Finn loves getting out and about and today he is wearing a fantastic sweater vest made by Linda Simpson.


I have purchased a few of Linda’s lovely knitted creations for the girls but this selection was just for Finn.


More discussions between Finn and Anna.


Finn’s red leather boots are by Jean Jensen.


A photo showing his new vest. I have taken other photos of the boys and hope to show them here at Sasha Shangri-La this weekend.


Finn up close thanking you for visiting and wishing you all a happy weekend 🙂

8 thoughts on “Amazing Anna

  1. Lovely photos of your very pretty Anna, Ginger, and her outfit is just perfect for spring! I like her bunny too, could this be the famous Easter Bunny???? 😉
    I do like Finns sweater too, those sorts of sweaters always remind me of the Second World War as the little boys in films about that time, always seemed to be wearing something similar. It looks great on Finn, really suits his whole look!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely girl and boy!

  2. Hello Finn and Anna! Such lovely little children you are. Thank you for sharing them, Ginger, and a bit of their storied history. You have inspired me to keep closer track of who the talented designers, seamstresses, knitters and artisans are who create the clothing I put on my dolls.
    You all have a nice weekend, too.



  3. Hi Ginger i love Finn’s new sweater and Anna has the sweetest face, one day i will own an Np, but until then i will just have to drawl over yours xx

  4. Anna is stunning and looks absolutely great here on her own, with Finn and finally with this lovely blue-eyed group of NP sisters.
    Those Fair Isle patterned V-necked sleeveless sweaters were very popular in the 1930-40s for both the lads and dads and were worn over shirts and under jackets as a layer of extra warmth.
    (I’m wondering if it was a way of using up the odd bits of left over wool from other family knitted garments with the clothing coupon rationing still being in action?)

  5. Thank you Kendal. I think it is very special to be able to use odd sizes of wool and create something so lovely. Even more special to be able to wear a sweater made by a loved one. What a warm, toasty feeling 🙂

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