Happy Mistakes


Please meet Kim, a pretty short hair girl that I suspect was meant to be a Gregor but by mistake, eyelashes were painted—and I am so happy that mistake was made! Kim came to me in the Mushroom outfit and I was so happy to find her! She is a very petite girl being considerably under 16 inches tall and I fell for her pretty face and wide eyed innocent expression.


Kim is wearing a baby blue corduroy outfit with socks and shoes all by Ruth’s dolls and it is topped with a pretty pinny also by Ruth.


I love the fullness of this outfit on Kim.


I recently found the pinny on Shelly’s site and do plan to use it as a summer dress when the weather warms up. I just couldn’t wait for summer! It came with matching pants that I thought you might like to see.


Sweet Kim holding a happy teddy bear.


This handsome boy is Brett and he is an ebay find. Brett is a 1969 boy and has unique, blue mottled eyes. The USA seller shared that he was a gift to her son from her UK friend years ago in the late 1960’s. She also said his eyes were always this color which would be a mistake from the normal brown eyes found on the brunette denim boys. I think he is just wonderful and a handsome, blue eyed boy. I am very happy this mistake was made too πŸ™‚


This photo of Brett, and his happy pup, Bo, shows his interest in getting to know Kim. He is wearing an outfit by Bev in Canada. His brown leather boots are by Ruth’s dolls.


Brett and Kim are becoming good friends here at Sasha Shangri-La!


This last photo is of Brett and Kim thanking everyone for stopping by to visit and wishing you all a happy day!

12 thoughts on “Happy Mistakes

  1. I love the ‘mistake’ dolls. It’s so lovely to have something different from the rest just like when you find a waif, they have an added bit of character that makes them stand out from the crowd
    Lovely seeing Brett and Kim who I am sure are good friends.
    Dee x

  2. I agree Dee, the waifs do pull your heart strings too. I find I am very much at ease with these special dolls and I am more willing to try new outfits and use creative ideas to photograph. I think a truly mint doll, while it is wonderful to own, requies special care to handle properly and that often becomes the overriding part of the photography experience. It is nice to have a well rounded family with diverse types of “mistakes”, waifs, and mint boys and girls. πŸ™‚

  3. What a lovely pair of ‘mistakes’!!! I agree with Dee, it’s so nice to find something different like this….what a great bit of luck Ginger!! Kim and Brett are very sweet looking!

  4. Two lovely mistakes, both very cute. Kim has just the sweetest face, I can see why you fell for her. The pale blue outfit by Ruth really suits her colouring so well. Lovely to see some more of your great Sashas! Gill x

  5. Just started reading your blog and so much enjoying all the interesting facts about your ‘children’. They are both so sweet and their outfits just perfect and zooming in on that last photo of Brett shows his amazing eyes brilliantly – lucky you, and I so agree with you – I love ‘playing’ with my Sashas and wouldn’t want them just displayed in a cabinet because they were so valuable and had to be kept all minty!

    • Hi Jude and welcome! So glad tou enjoyed the blog! I think playing with Sashas is just so much fun too. I am going to write about each doll living at Sasha Shangri-La on the blog and show them wearing different outfits and in different places. I hope you will visit often πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve always been attracted to and extra love any Sasha Doll that is different or unusual.
    Using the old saying ‘Blondes have more fun’ I adjust it in my household to ‘Sasha waifs have more fun!’
    These two will always be very special. Lucky you!

    • Thanks Kendal, I am having such a good time with the blog. Your blog has really inspired me to not only collect but also to photograph and start this blog. Sashas are just so much fun πŸ™‚

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