Ellen Revealed


Please meet the extraordinary NP, Ellen. I was very fortunate to find Ellen on Shelly’s wonderful site last year. She is a delightful, beautiful child doll. Ellen’s fringe has been trimmed in places and that does not matter to me because I love her hair pulled back to show her amazing face. Her eyes are unique and she has a soft, serene expression that I find most tranquil. Ellen is definitely “easy on the eyes”.


Ellen is wearing a gorgeous dress created by the talented Lorraine. It is a fine, soft corduroy that looks and feels great. I love the fullness of the dress and don’t the folds look pretty? Her shoes and socks are by Ruth’s dolls.


This close-up photo shows Ellen in a Ruth’s dolls outfit


Ellen loves teddy bears and this Boyd’s Bear is a favorite of hers.


This photo and the one below show Ellen in a lovely dress by Nikita. Purple shoes are by Jean Jensen.



Another close-up photo and wearing a pretty Molly’s dress with Ruth’s dolls shoes and socks.



This last photo of Ellen was taken to show her with her sister, Kendal who will be featured next time on Sasha Shangri-La. Both Ellen and Kendal send hugs to you and thanks for stopping by to visit. xx

10 thoughts on “Ellen Revealed

  1. What an absolutely gorgeous doll Ellen is and I love her dresses especially the Ruthsdoll’s open fronted smocked olive green/brown floral one.
    Looking forward to your next post featuring ‘Kendal.’

    • How nice to wake up to find comments about Ellen! I love that dress too and Chloe willingly shared several dresses with Ellen since her arrival. I plan to take a few more photos of Kendal this weekend and think we will finally have some sun. She is excited πŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous Ellen she must love having found a home with you, I love the colours of the Nikita dress ( I have one in the same fabric by her πŸ˜‰ ) and I do love Ruth’s dresses they do so look good on the Sasha’s.
    Looking forward to see Kendal in the next post

  3. What a beautiful girl Ginger, no wonder you’re so happy to have found her! I agree that she has a very serene face that it would be hard to get bored looking at! I really like her in the Ruths doll dress with the smocking too, it really suits her colouring! She’s lovely!

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